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This is a site about Geobiology, Sustainability and BioArchitecture. Through Geobiology it is possible to detect areas of harmful energies detrimental to human, animal and plant health. The telluric energies emanating from the earth’s subsoil produce electromagnetic gases and waves in many cases, highly toxic. Geobiology detects, quantifies and presents solutions to these problems.

Geobiology is closely linked to Sustainability, Permaculture, Bioarchitecture and other studies of technology development for better soil quality and productivity. Through the application of geobiological studies, we can enrich these techniques, providing more productive fields of agriculture, constructions with sustainable materials and lands free of harmful contamination.

Maria Tereza Montes

. Architect graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Bennett College – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

. Systems Analyst graduated from PUC – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

. Course BioGeometry Foundation Training – www.biogeometry.ca – Wisdom House – New York NY – July 2017 – BioGeometry uses the energy of shapes, colors and other energies of qualities that produce harmony at all human and environmental levels.

. Paths to Climate Action – www.newschool.edu – New School – New York, NY – 65 5th Ave August 2017 – Event and conference about sustainable technologies for the environment.

. Renewables UnWind by EnergeiaWorks – www.energeiaworks.com – New York NY – August 2017 – Event about sustainable technologies for the environment.

. Gea – Association of Geobiological Studies – www.geobiologia.org/gea/ – Member associated with participation of updates and new projects in the area of ​​Geobiology and Architecture.

. Géobios – École Française de Géobiologie – www.geobios.com – Member of group of studies and researches. Updated contacts in Geobiology through European websites.

. Radiesthesist – ABRAD – Brazilian Association of Radiesthesia and Radiology, São Paulo – SP, Brazil. ABRAD is the official organ of Dowsing in Brazil.

. Radiesthesia and Radiology Course – UNIPAZ Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

. (Online) – Study of the various aspects of Egyptian culture – Astronomy, Geology, Raw Materials, Commerce, Art, Hieroglyphics.

. Experience Abroad – Between 2000 and 2012, I lived in Italy, Rome, where I was able to assimilate and live the culture of other European countries. Works developed in Architecture and Engineering and Geobiology solutions applied in Architecture and Civil Construction.


. Gama e Souza Faculty – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – May 2017 – GEOBIOLOGY – Land Soil Energies.

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