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Geobiology – Land Soil Energy

All matter that exists on Earth is influenced not only by the energies of the Cosmos but also by energies of the Earth from the ground. Geobiology makes us better understand this reality. The ancients knew that the place we live in has a very direct influence on our well-being and even our health. In the thirteenth century, the Templars could recognize the sites for different human needs and activities, through their sensitivity in Dowsing. Today is Geobiology that brings us these answers.

The objective of Geobiology is to study the influence of the environment on men, animals and plants. Complex, but at the same time technical, it possesses material and other subtle and not necessarily measurable proofs. It is a true science, recognized by its precursors, that over time have remained extremely effective and beneficial to the contribution of man’s well-being and its habitat.
Networks and Geopathic Nodes

The earth’s crust is constantly being subjected to multiple radiations from Earth and the Cosmos itself. These cosmo-telluric changes are naturally balanced and represent a phenomenon of great energy. The planet Earth is encased in an invisible energy grid, just like the meridians, latitudes and longitudes.

What is?

Geobiology therefore stands out in this invisible natural energy grid, discovered by German physician and dowsing Dr. Ernst Hartmann. This grid or net consists of “invisible walls” every 2 meters in a north-south direction and every 2.5 m. In the East-West direction. Their crossings or waypoints, are called “terrestrial nodes” or “geopathic nodes”. They emit radiation that in the long run would be harmful to health. The goal of any Geobiology analysis is therefore to determine the neutral areas in this energy grid.

Hartmann and curry

Although we are not aware of the intensity of this radiation, they are no less sensitive … A daily or long-term stay, for example, sleeping in a disturbed area could eventually cause discomfort, fatigue or different disorders whose origin may To remain unexplained for a long time unless a geobiological analysis makes it possible to find the causes, especially to make changes in place.

The art of the Geobiologist would be to enter into the complexity and scope of this phenomenon to identify and resolve all possible interactions in order to remedy or at least improve the situation.
Geobiology in Housing

Through Geobiology and Radiesthesia, we will first detect and analyze the influences of soil, electric and electromagnetic energy surrounding your environment and organize, create solutions in order to make you feel better in the place you live or work in. Often, serious illnesses are often avoided or interrupted with appropriate measures based on geobiology, with the discovery of “neutral regions” where possible pieces of household furniture will be transferred, for example.

The items that evaluate the quality of the environment in which we live are the highlight of terrestrial networks, subsoil geology and all technical aspects, including electric and electromagnetic fields. Even under the influence of external elements: underground current, faults, electrical pollution problems and other factors related to a particular construction, could actually activate these networks and disturb the quality of the energy of the place.

In particular, it is the interaction between these different elements that creates disturbances in everything that is alive, human, animal or vegetable. Therefore, the purpose of using Geobiology and Dowsing in this area is basically to recognize possible disturbances, and then eliminating them, thereby, energetically realigning their habitat.

There are geobiologists available for this work, who use several different instruments, but certainly, beyond their sensitivity, a well-trained body would indeed be a true “antenna” capable of detecting any disturbance of energy and unraveling any possible interference.
We are much more than a physical body

Once the phenomena that could destabilize the analyzed environment, through the network, geopathic points and influences of other factors, the Geobiologist will then explain how to correct it, or at least improve the situation.

A common problem is sleeping in an energetically disturbed area that, over time, may devalue the body and cause sometimes unexplained disorders. If the bed is placed in a neutral area, however, sleep promotes good recovery of body and mind, and allows you to truly relax, at all levels.

Knowing and understanding where to sleep, where to work allows us to manage our health more effectively. It is also worth remembering that some of the medical problems encountered without any explanation sometimes go away on their own after such an analysis is ascertained!

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